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You bought your resilient vinyl floor because you thought it could stand up to your lifestyle. You knew that it was a durable, easy to clean material that was great for homes where other types of flooring would be quickly damaged or discolored. Now your vinyl floor is damaged, and you need a vinyl repair expert in the Lecanto area.

LePage Carpet and Tile's repair service is here to help. You were right to choose vinyl flooring. It is incredibly sturdy, and the number of things that damage it is much smaller than other types of flooring, like carpet or hardwood. Unfortunately, durability isn't indestructibility, and there are still things that can happen to damage your vinyl flooring. Heavy chairs or other furniture being pushed across the floor can cause scratches and tears that are unsightly. Rubber wheels on furniture or backing on rugs and mats can cause a chemical reaction within the vinyl that causes it to become a dull yellow color.

Cigarettes, incense and other things can cause burn marks on the wear layer that can't be scrubbed away. Even simple sand and dirt, if not swept away regularly, can be scraped against the melamine finish causing it to become dull and unattractive. If any of this occurs in your home, your vinyl floors might not look as nice as you'd hoped when you picked them out. That's alright, there is hope!
Vinyl Repair in Lecanto, FL area from LePage Carpet & Tile
LePage Carpet and Tile's vinyl repair service repairs damaged vinyl in the Lecanto area. We can repair loose seams, scratches, marks, stains, and anything else that might have happened to your floor. You'll never be able to tell that the flooring was damaged in the first place when we're done with our repairs. To learn more about our services, or to schedule repairs, call us at(352) 527-1811
or come visit us at our store in Lecanto, Florida.
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