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LePage Carpet & Tile Provides Free Flooring Estimates

Our free flooring estimates will help you to establish a realistic working budget and simplify product selection for your flooring project. When it comes to shopping for new flooring, LePage Carpet & Tile knows that finances can often be a problem, so we offer free flooring estimates to eliminate that problem. When you begin finding accessories and optional services that pique your interest, it can surely be easy to lose sight of any budget constraints.

You won’t have to walk around with a calculator, or keep a running tally on a paper pad while you shop and plan for your new floors. Our professional estimates consultants specialize in preparing the reports that will tell you exactly what you can expect to pay. This makes it easier to decide whether you can afford the products, accessories and services that you want, and eliminate those that are out of reach price wise.

Accurate Numbers Do Matter and That’s What You Get with our Free Flooring Estimates

Accurate numbers do matter when it comes to preparing a practical budget for any home improvement project and our free flooring estimates can really help. You need to save as much as you can and prevent making costly mistakes. LePage Carpet & Tile has consultants who are up to this challenge. When you work with our professionals, you will receive the following:

  • A simple, detailed expense report containing suggested budgets
  • A knowledgeable consultant who stands ready to answer all of your questions
  • Convenient ways to make your appointments (e-mail, phone, local location, etc.)
  • Accurate calculations for any new budget
  • Accurate adjustments to any prior budget
  • Informed suggestions on products and service options that will fit your needs and no exceed your available budget
  • Continued support from us following your free consultation
Free Flooring Estimate in Lecanto, FL area from LePage Carpet & Tile
Free Flooring Estimate in Lecanto, FL area from LePage Carpet & Tile

Free Flooring Estimates from LePage Carpet & Tile offer Convenience Plus Great Service

You want convenience, and we want to keep finding ways to make it easier to plan your new renovation correctly. We have made scheduling more simple than ever before. Whether you have lots of time, or a tight, jam-packed schedule, we have appointment time slots that will definitely suit your needs.

We come to your home where you are comfortable in your own environment. Being there also allows us to assess the state of your house in person. You can set appointments online, by e-mailing us or using our website, or you can contact us by phone or in person at our Lecanto showroom. We provide our services to homeowners in Lecanto, Inverness, Homosassa, Crystal Rivers and other local Florida areas. However you prefer to work with us, rest assured that LePage Carpet & Tile will do our best to work for you! Our free flooring estimates are just one example of the great customer service that we are known for.